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  • Precision, Purity and Impeccable Quality

    That are synonymous with Switzerland. In a quest for ageless beauty and infinite luxury, A.G.E. Stop Switzerland goes beyond ordinary skincare to intercept ageing at its source. Our exquisite creams, serums and treatments all perform with unparalleled refinement and results in skincare science. This commitment to exceptional skincare treatment has made A.G.E. Stop Switzerland the choice of the world`s most discerning men and women.

  • Prestige of our brand

    In order to ensure it, we only distribute our products to select beauty salons, spas, perfumeries and stores that can offer their personnel in-depth training on our products so that they can provide our customers with the appropriate high-quality, customized advice they require. Our promise to our Clients: Beautiful Skin for Life!

  • Age Stop product
    Snow Algae Snow Algae
    Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluronic Acid
  • Experience the promise of timeless beauty, fulfilled

    Developed and manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with the highest quality standards, A.G.E. Stop Switzerland products are results-oriented and contain scientifically advanced ingredients, including a high concentration of bio-mimetic peptides, patented Swiss Snow Algae, Alpine Flower Stem Cells, a unique combination of vitamins, oxygen fusion, hyaluronic acid and bio-available precious stone extracts.

  • Alpine Flower Stem Cells Alpine Flower Stem Cells
    Bio-available Stone Extracts Bio-available Stone Extracts
  • We are ambassador of the Swiss Excellence in the cosmetic field enabling our international clients to embrace the finest and most exclusive cosmetic ingredients combined with the latest innovation and research in award – winning Swiss Bio Technology. A.G.E. Stop Switzerland continues its research in the cellular field and keeps bringing together a vast network of researchers of a diverse range of specialties including molecular and cellular biology with the aim to rejuvenate the skin. We continue to explore the skin`s physiological mechanisms and keep developing effective and functional treatments with a well selected choice of specific active ingredients.

  • Swiss Bio Stem Cells Lift:Firm Advanced Perfecting Concentrate 60ml IMPROVED Formula!

    Swiss Bio Stem Cells Lift:Firm Advanced Perfecting Concentrate 60ml IMPROVED Formula!


    Snow Algae + Stem Cells Advanced Perfecting Concentrate is an intensive treatment which combines a unique blend of specially selected award winning ingredients to revitalise dull-looking and lifeless skin in need of moisture and a smoother, more lifted appearance. Each clinically proven ingredient works in synergy to deliver unparalleled results in as little as 5 days. 60ml

    Hydro : Fresh Essence Concentrate

    Hydro : Fresh Essence Concentrate


    Universal Conditioning 1st Step. Helps your skin achieve ultra soft and youthful appearance.Maximises Performance of All other Skincare: Skin feels highly conditioned, ready to receive all other treatments and products to a more deeper level.

    24H Peptide + Stem Cell - Day : Night Advanced Perfecting Face Cream 60ml

    24H Peptide + Stem Cell – Day : Night Advanced Perfecting Face Cream 60ml


    Snow Algae+ 24H Multi Peptide/Multi Plant Stem Cell – Day & Night Cream: Target visible signs of aging with 24H Multi Peptide/Multi Plant Stem Cell powerful moisturising treatment cream that works to repair and hydrate skin day and night. 60ml

    Oxygen Fusion Beauty Relax: Glow Advanced Perfecting Sleeping Mask 60ml

    Oxygen Fusion Beauty Relax: Glow Advanced Perfecting Sleeping Mask 60ml


    Snow Algae + Oxygen Fusion Fresh Glow Perfect Sleeping Mask is a multitasking radiance treatment that works to firm, lift, plump and smooth skin by restoring its youthful, radiant appearance and tone. 60ml.

    Royal Epigen P5 Hydro:Repair Advanced Perfecting Concentrate 60ml

    Royal Epigen P5 Hydro:Repair Advanced Perfecting Concentrate 60ml


    Royal Epigen P5 Perfection Concentrate is a luxurious anti­-ageing formula that works to hydrate, strengthen and protect all skin types. 60ml.

    Swiss Bio Stem Cells Lift:Firm Advanced Perfecting Concentrate 60ml IMPROVED Formula!
    Hydro : Fresh Essence Concentrate
    24H Peptide + Stem Cell - Day : Night Advanced Perfecting Face Cream 60ml
    Oxygen Fusion Beauty Relax: Glow Advanced Perfecting Sleeping Mask 60ml
    Royal Epigen P5 Hydro:Repair Advanced Perfecting Concentrate 60ml

    Our Products Contain Scientifically Advanced Ingredients Such As:

    Bio-mimetic peptides in high concentration

    Patented Swiss Snow Algae

    Alpine Flower Stem Cells

    Hyaluronic acid

    Swiss made
  • Swiss Made

    Small in size but great in riches, Switzerland is a true land of prestige and influence. Medical expertise, breathtaking landscapes, pure resources, etc. The pure and protected environment of Switzerland is the cradle of AGE STOP products. Our products are developed and made in a French part of Switzerland and deliver the very latest in the multi-award- winning, anti-aging science based on the revolutionary discovery of Swiss Snow Algae and pioneering Plant Stem Cell Research.World- renowned Swiss know-how and exceptional French flair for beauty is translated into truly unique anti-aging skin care products, helping our customers achieve fast, measurable results, through highly-innovative and luxurious textures of our products, meticulously crafted to perfection and presented in a sophisticated easy to use packaging.

  • Science
  • Science

    Swiss are renowned for being precise time keepers, but did you know that Swiss are also masterfully skilled at making time stand still and even turning back time, thanks to Swiss know-how in unlocking the secrets of healthy aging and in the field of skin care science. We produce results-driven, innovative skin care products reflecting the precision, purity and impeccable quality that are synonymous with Switzerland.All of our products represent a results-oriented skincare collection developed to combat visible signs of aging, where we include some of the world`s most exclusive and highly sought after award-winning ingredients, simply not available in products of most other skin care brands. Our products are clinically proven and rigorously tested to deliver fast, reliable results our international customers demand. In fact we are absolutely positive that our products will deliver as promised with our 30 day money back guarantee, even if the bottles are empty.

  • Product DNA
  • Product DNA

    We have developed multi-functional treatments which produce visible results on application and are significantly apparent just after 5 days of use. Long term cumulative results are achieved after 30 days and just like exercise improve through consistent daily use.

    All of our products are free from parabens, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances. In addition to our strict manufacturing processes we try to source ingredients naturally wherever possible and we do not test on animals. The most important mission of our company is to always seek the latest scientific breakthroughs to ensure that we help our customers combat visible signs of skin aging as effectively as possible, offering products with unparalleled  results after only a single treatment.

  • Awards
  • Award Winning

    PhytoCellTec™ has been internationally recognised as the: Key to Age Reversal

    Snow Algae Powder™ has been internationally recognised as the: Key to Age Skin`s Longevity

    The Best Face Cream – Age Stop Switzerland. Innovative Skin Care Products From Switzerland!








  • Rejuvenating effect of Snow Algae

    Snow algae powder is a novel anti-ageing ingridient based on an extract of biotechnologically produced snow algae. In cell culture assays, the snow algae extract was found to induce a calorie restriction-mimetic effect by stimulating the expression of the Klotho gene and activity of the AMPK protein. The extract reduced the loss in collagen expression in aged fibroblasts. In clinical studies, the snow algae powder was shown to improve the papillary structure of the dermal epidermal junction, significantly enchanced skin hydration and smoothed crow's feet wrinkles.

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